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Microlon Ultimate Shine is the latest development in gloss with long stays for eg Cars, Shipping / Marine (Race) Motors, Aerospace, Optics, Glass and to many other applications The Microlon Professional Ultimate Shine is very easy to apply and process, simply spray and immediately rub rub and you're done! The result is beautiful, very beautiful to see, especially in dark colors bring the Microlon Professional Ultimate Shine them perfectly back what they where even better without leaving a white haze, and you almost have a new car.

Microlon Engine products for each random engine - With Guinness World Record breaking records are based on fuel consumption. Microlon also creates environmentally friendly engines.

When you treat an engine from a car/boat/truck/motor cycle you will experience one or more of the 10 properties mention below;

Reduced friction should translate to the following items:
1. Longer engine life                          6. Reduced fuel consumption
2. Less wear on internal parts              7. Reduced oil consumption           
3. Increased RPM                               8. Reduced emissions                          
4. Increased available horsepower        9. Quicker starts                        
5. Lower operating temperatures       10. Quieter operation

Look and see the trailer of Microlon Engine Treatment what is used on a BMW M5 with 400 BHp to get a first impression of Microlon.

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This video is short but look at > http://www.microlonbenelux.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=67&Itemid=83&lang=nl

for the longer version of the video of Microlon used on the BMW M5.


Watch this video's from You Tube, this car a Audi A4 from 1998 1.9TDi droven 489000 km's, and see the amazing results achieved with Microlon, the first video is the results before the Microlon and the second one are the amazing results with the Microlon.


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The latest New video from Microlon Europe of a Motorcycle BMW GS1200cc.

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The Microlon Ultimate Shine is the latest revolution to your boat perfectly to look at a fraction of time.

There are also new products from Microlon for air rifle, paintball, air conditioning (cars and houses and industry), cyclin etc.

Microlon Benelux is looking for agents in the Benelux, go to contact and fill in the open areas and you will a very quick response back to you.

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